Owner Sandra Anthony has been grooming for 45 years, and teaching those skills to others to carry on the expertise. We have the combined know-how to handle most any challenge and to help you maintain your dog in it's best condition. We can discuss with you a suitable style, length, and frequency for your lifestyle. You can trust the experts at Anthony's!

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As of June 1, all of Anthony's groomers are independent contractors.

What does this mean to you, our clients? Our quality grooming remains the same; but you will be dealing with each groomer on an individual basis. Each person is running their own scheduling, pricing, and policies. In most cases, this does not differ much from what we currently do, but eventually you may be able to contact and book directly with your favourite groomer. Or, you can still just call in and book with whoever is available. Pricing and scheduling times, as well as what treatments or extras are available may also be different with each groomer. 


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