At Anthony's, we take our motto seriously-"Our Best For Your Best Friend"! When you bring your dog to Anthony's, rest assured that our many years of experience and expertise will put your dog in capable hands.

Our goal is to try to match a clip to your lifestyle and preferences, to keep both you and your pet content!

All breeds and mixed breeds alike are welcome; and we are always happy to help you with advice on upkeep between grooming.

Be sure to check with your groomer on what services are offered-it may vary with each person

All full grooming includes:

Brushing and bath

nail clipping

Haircut of choice

check with groomer on ear plucking and anal gland expression

Optionally: bows, bandanas, other decorative accessories; treatment shampoos, extra smelly or hypo non-scented shampoos, blueberry facials, nail grinding, deshedding treatments, temporary colour, nail polish and so on.  

Gift Certificates

Stop by our shop at 6724 Morrison St. Niagara falls to pick up a gift certificate of any denomination!