Will my dog be well treated?

Our first priority is the comfort and safety of your pet. We are well trained in how to handle nervous, young, old and first-time-in-a-grooming-shop dogs. We use no drugs ever; and each dog is handled by one groomer from start to finish. If you particularly like the way your dog is done this time, you can ask for the same groomer next time. In addition, even though it’s one dog/one groomer, no one is ever alone – we are a team, ready to help whenever needed!


What if my dog is matted?

Matted dogs present a special challenge. If the coat can be brushed out with minimal discomfort to the dog, we will do so. (There may be an extra charge, however) If we discover the mats are too tight to the skin, or too extensive, the most humane course of action is to shave off the hair and start over. Hair does grow back! Then, we would be happy to show you ways to prevent this from happening again.

Our policy is "Humanity before Vanity."


What do you use to bathe my dog?

We use professional quality pet shampoo from concentrates. It is tearless and PH balanced for dog’s skin. We also use a follow-up creme rinse to re-moisturize and ensure a thorough rinse. Medicated shampoos are available for particular problems, as well as flea treatments. After bathing, some breeds will have a spray-on conditioner applied as well.


Is your equipment dull or rusty?

Never! We keep our blades and scissors sharpened and clean; all our equipment is up to date and in good repair. You can’t produce quality work without quality tools!


More questions? Just call or E-Mail we’re happy to answer your concerns. Or, you can drop in and see our shop for yourself!